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from an observation to a problem...

After spending years working as a computer engineer, Guilhem realized that service companies did not meet his expectations and that there was a dysfunction in the relationship between company and consultant.

The decision

So, in 2012, he decided to create Bertek.
He started with a small office at his home in a 30m2 square. He offered his services to companies in the Montpellier region and then over the years throughout France. Three years later, Guilhem thinks bigger and settles in Warsaw. Bertek takes on an international dimension.

His goal

Through his experience and his vision, he tries to improve and maintain a relationship between freelancers and companies that is more egalitarian and fairer in his eyes: more human, more interactive, closer...

The final result

Our mission is to build a company that is not only a place to work, but a place that is good to live, where everyone can find their purpose and grow profesionnally. We believe that we can create an environment that is fair, welcoming, and supportive, and that allows everyone to reach their full potential.
We want to create a space where everyone can find joy in their work and take pride in their accomplishments.


For a decade, Bertek has been supporting IT consultants in their project search. We rely on our existing and also new partners. With the help of our recruitment team, we target the projects that meet your desires. The projects are mainly in Europe, but we can find projects well beyond these borders.

Our mission

To build a company in which it is good to live, in which everyone finds their place and develops professionally

Our values

awakens our senses and open us to the world
gives us the direction to follow
is the first impulsion to start
makes the difference
ensures that we never have regrets

Harmony & collaboration

We attach great importance to creating a healthy work environment. Respect and cohesion among colleagues are our priorities. To this end, we have put in place simple rules to maintain harmony which revolves around 4 points: respect, communication, behavior and openness.

4 rules for a better harmony


be courteous

and polite

consider the opinions of others

use an appropriate tone of voice

respect the hierarchy

be punctual


make sure the message is understood

share information

in time

adopt a pleasant tone of communication

listen well and

be respectful

have empathy

Good behavior

help and support colleagues

be positive

and receptive

develop their autonomy

share ideas

and knowledges

be conscientious


accept and adapt to change

respect the tastes and customs of others

give others a chance to express themselves

respect differences of opinion

be able to come to a compromise in case of conflict


4 rules for a better harmony


Being courteous and polite to others to maintain a harmonious and respectful atmosphere.

Considering the opinions of others and listening carefully.


Using an appropriate tone of voice helps to maintain positive and respectful exchanges.


Respecting the hierarchy by recognising authority and following instructions. 

Showing punctuality is a sign of respect for others.


Ensuring that the message is understood by all participants.


Sharing relevant information in a timely manner, thus ensuring informed decision-making and effective collaboration.


Adopting a pleasant tone of communication promotes harmonious relationships and a positive atmosphere.


Listening carefully to others and giving them the respect they deserve is equally crucial.


Cultivating empathy develops a deep understanding of others' perspectives

Good behavior

Helping and supporting colleagues to foster a collaborative work environment.


Being positive and responsive encourages a climate that is conducive to the exchange of ideas and problem solving.


Encouraging the development of autonomy in colleagues by giving them the confidence and resources to achieve their goals.


Sharing ideas and knowledge contributes to team dynamics and mutual learning.

Being conscientious in one's work, demonstrating diligence and care, demonstrates a commitment to excellence and inspires others to do their best.


Accepting and adapting to change. This means remaining open-minded and flexible to new ideas and situations.


Respecting the tastes and customs of others, recognising the diversity that enriches our environment.


Giving others the opportunity to express themselves is essential for constructive and equal communication.

Respecting these differences and encouraging respectful and tolerant dialogue even when opinions differ.


Being able to compromise is a valuable skill in resolving disagreements peacefully and building harmonious relationships when conflict arises.


Employees stories

The testimonies of our employees will allow you to plan your next project!
They give us a precise overview of their experience and their project with the client. Discover the functioning and the environment of certain projects, the role, the development of skills and the initiatives taken by our collaborators.

Your benefits

Open in international projects
Salary in line with the market
Good level  insurance & benefits
Flexible working hours
Managers available
Training & certification

Lets get to know each other

Our process recruitment

We work to identify the projects that will offer you the best opportunities and the greatest chances of success. The evolution of your professional career is paramount, so it's essential that you let us know your preferences (technologies, project size, type of organization) to find projects that best match your experience and qualifications. We want to make sure the projects you take on align with your goals and objectives, and maximize the opportunity for growth and advancement. We're committed to providing you with the best chances for success and ensuring the projects you take on are in line with your professional aspirations.

How we proceed

Step 1
Step 2
An informal video interview that you will chat about experiences, projects and achievements and identify your professional desires
Project proposals will be communicated to you

The adventure tempts you ?

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Bertek insiders

During our afterworks and summit, collaborators and freelancers share strong moments that allow us to connect with each other.

The IT company, like no other!

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