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Accelerate Innovation and maximize efficiency with IT Nearshoring

Once upon a time...

After his trip to Poland, Guilhem was struck by the country's swift development. Numerous foreign companies and investors had already established a presence there. Notably, renowned French companies such as Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon, BNP Paribas, and Crédit Agricole had set up operations across the country. Moreover, the burgeoning IT market owes its growth to the exceptional skill set of Polish developers and the abundance of innovative projects. Capitalizing on this pool of talent, IT outsourcing flourished.


In 2015, seizing the opportunity, Guilhem decided to invest and opened a new office in Warsaw, Poland.

Elevate Your Nearshore Strategy with Bertek

You know that nearshore is the key to agility and innovation.

Find out how Bertek can’t only meet your expectations,

but exceed them, turning challenges into opportunities.

Unlocking the strategy nearshore

we provide answers based on our own experience

Worried about Polish cultural and language differences ?

"Polish developers, owing to their university education, naturally embrace the world of IT. Their English proficiency ranks among the highest in Europe. Their expertise helps bridge cultural differences. At Bertek, our teams in Poland consist of both Polish and French professionals, with English being our primary working language. Our consultants speaks english as fluent level and they already had previous experiences in international environment.”

Unaware of the Polish jurisdictional implications ?

"With 8 years of expertise in the field, we have gained a strong command of Polish jurisdictional implications. Our experienced local team is well-versed in Polish laws, enabling us to ensure full compliance. By guiding you through administrative, labor, and tax regulations, we guarantee an effective and legally compliant nearshore partnership. Our aim is to provide you peace of mind by successfully navigating Poland's specific legal requirements.”

Wondering how to maintain constant quality of service ?

"We support our developers in their professional careers. We suggest training opportunities for developers to obtain certifications, enabling them to keep up to date with their expertise. For us, it is essential that our IT experts master the latest technologies, operating systems and programming languages in order to solve complex problems and drive innovation for customers. In addition, our proximity fosters team spirit among our experts, who share this feeling while remaining loyal to Bertek. As a result, we have a pool of developers available at any time to meet your needs".

Worried about the security of your data ?

"Since our move to Poland in 2015, we have encountered challenges regarding the security of our data between our teams in France and Poland. Many French customers use our Polish developers. They are well aware of these security, confidentiality and data protection issues within projects."

"With Bertek as your IT nearshoring partner,

it's more than just an outsourcing strategy:
It's a strategic partnership that nurtures growth, innovation, and resilience.

By teaming up with Bertek, your business is well-prepared to navigate the challenges of today's ever-evolving technological landscape and the ones that lie ahead."



Bertek's founder & CEO

The benefits of working with us

We go beyond standard nearshore services. Discover how our personalised approach, technical expertise, and commitment to data security can transform your business.


Since 2015, we have a strong presence in Eastern Europe with our office in Warsaw. We have team composed of polish and french people.


Polish developers are globally recognized for their coding precision and speed, ranking 3rd in the world.
1st position in Java.


Being in the same time zone as France makes it easier to coordinate, communicate and plan activities and meetings between the two countries.


Polish developers are highly educated. Each year, more than 10,000 new computer engineers graduate from Polish technical universities.


Polish developers have a high level of English proficiency, with 60% of the population speaking English. Poland is ranked 11th globally for English mastery and 9th in Europe.


Poland adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation, ensuring robust data security.
Your data is protected and secured.


We are transparent about nearshoring costs, including any potential costs not covered in the base rates.


Contract terms must be clear about expectations, deliverables, flexibility for changing needs, and termination conditions.


Our recruitment process is thorough and meticulous, allowing us to carefully evaluate each candidate's technical abilities

Let's meet up

Ready to launch your nearshore strategy?

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  • What are the legal risks and how can they be minimized in a nearshore context?
    Our presence in Poland for almost a decade has enabled us to meet the challenges of regulatory compliance between France and Poland, differences in labour laws, data protection and intellectual property. By working with us, we ensure that all activities comply with local and international laws. We have our own specialist legal advisers in Poland to ensure compliance and proper risk management.
  • How can we effectively manage remote projects to ensure the success of nearshore?
    Effectively managing remote projects is essential to ensure the success of nearshore operations. We implement strategies so that teams can effectively manage remote projects in a nearshore context, ensuring smoother operations, increased productivity and, ultimately, the success of the project as a whole. Clear Communication Channels Detailed Project Planning Use of Agile Methodologies Cross-Cultural Awareness Risk Management Regular Performance Evaluation Strong Leadership and Support Utilize Technology Build Trust and Relationships Regular Feedback Loops
  • How can we manage developer turnover on your projects?
    We have robust strategies in place to manage developer turnover, including a pool of qualified talent and efficient transition processes to ensure seamless continuity in managing your projects.
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