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Parlez-vous IT?

At Bertek, we focus on companies that have an affinity with IT.
You have a specific requirement for your future consultants and we know how to meet it.
We understand that technology is at the heart of many companies today and strive to ensure that our clients have access to the right profiles on their projects. Our consultants are highly skilled, with the knowledge and experience to make a real difference to our client’s operations.

Make your project a success

The digital age has brought with it a new wave of innovation.
Companies of all sizes must find ways to keep up in order to remain competitive.
For those looking to get their digital projects off the ground, Bertek can provide IT consultants.
Our extensive and diverse database includes qualified candidates who are able to provide the skills and experience required to move your projects forward, our recruiters know to identify and purpose to you

Our mission

To build a company in which it is good to live, in which everyone finds their place and develops professionally

Trusted by companies



After several professional experiences as a computer engineer, Guilhem Berthalon decided to create his own company. On February 1, 2012, Bertek was launched in Montpellier, France.

Why create Bertek?

As an IT engineer, we know the outsourcing business and how it works. We want to provide the best experience between the IT consultant.

An international window?

After a trip to Poland, Guilhem was fascinated by the rapid growth of this country. He decides to organize a business trip that will convince him to invest in Poland and open an office in Warsaw. It's the start of a new adventure!

Our value

awakens our senses and open us to the world
gives us the direction to follow
is the first impulsion to start
makes the difference
ensures that we never have regrets

Case study

Discover the ambitious and innovative projects within our clients approached by our consultants. Context, problem, realization and finally solution are presented to you.

Our offer

Gain in efficiency
We are always looking for new methods and innovative technologies that will allow us to improve our recruitment processes and recruit more efficiently to find the best candidates for your projects.
Gain in expertise
Our qualification process is rigorous, scalable, adaptive and continuously updated with our know-how to ensure that we show you the best candidates for your needs. Nothing is left to chance, we have examined their technical skills, backgrounds and personal aptitudes, in a spirit of transparency. We make sure they have the qualities required to successfully fulfill their responsibilities.
Save time
Focus on your core business is the most important. Indeed, finding the right consultant for your project takes a lot of time and requires different skills, such as posting ads, selecting the right profiles, managing appointments, receiving candidates, evaluating and ensuring that everyone has been contacted. We know how to do it and we do it for you, so have free mind.

Bertek insiders

During our afterworks and summit, collaborators and freelancers share strong moments that allow us to connect with each other.

Key Figures


The IT company, like no other!

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