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Data Engineer GCP

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🏜If the beauty of a perfectly written SQL query in BigQuery moves you almost as much as a sunrise over the Grand Canyon,

🎲 If navigating Pub/Sub bitrate limitations is as rewarding for you as solving extremely complex Sudoku,

🌵If for you, a perfect DAG on the first try sounds like a miracle as rare as rain in the desert,

☕️ And if seeing a .count() run successfully on your dataset is as nice as a good coffee in the morning,

You are definitely on conquered territory here! 😎

Some of the missions that would be your responsibility:
- The collection and ingestion of different non-homogeneous data sources
- Setting up data processing pipelines
- Extraction and exposure of Lakehouse data to other services
- Industrialization of GCP projects
- The establishment and maintenance of scalable infrastructures capable of meeting the needs and rapid growth in the volume of data


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