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Payment deadline (part 3/3)

Advise from Eva

25% of bankruptcy filings are attributable to payment defaults, does that shock me?

No, because, that's still 1 box out of 4. Or 2 boxes out of 8. Or 4 boxes out of 16. In short, that's a lot of boxes.

This is why we continue the series of Payment deadline against bad customer payments 🤡

After quoting the Commercial Code from all its angles, we move on to the concrete, to the useful, because, the mentions in the T&Cs, it's very cute, but that doesn't really solve the problem.

Today, I present to you 2 tools:

➡️ Soan

Soan is THE most complete financial management solution on the market. Its main objective is to simplify the billing and payment process, which will result in avoiding delays.

Soan is not just a payment solution. It's a common platform, which facilitates both your freelance life, but also that of the client.

In just a few clicks, it is possible to send a compliant invoice, accompanied by a payment request. In turn, a simple click will be enough for the customer to pay you: all the daunting intermediate steps are removed: no bank transfer, no beneficiary to add...

And if, despite the hard work, the invoice is not paid on the due date, a customizable automatic reminder system is in place. And that's really cool! 😎

After making your bill, all you have to do is twiddle your thumbs and sip your favorite cocktail, and wait for it to happen!

➡️ Rubypayeur

Does Name and Shame speak to you?

A terribly effective technique, and very popular in English-speaking countries 🎷, it aims to denounce bad payment practices thanks to bad advertising.

It is from this technique that Rubypayeur was born, the solution that is revolutionizing debt collection between professionals, and which therefore marks the end of impunity for bad payers. 😈

With this tool, it is possible to:

✅ To identify the risks, thanks to the search engine which allows to know the reported incidents, or the respect of the commitments of a customer.

✅ To get paid (this is the subject of my post, at the same time), thanks to an amicable recovery file created in a few minutes, which automatically triggers a follow-up process. If the customer concerned does not regularize his situation, his late payment is published publicly on the platform.

It's a bit like the witch at the stake in a public place... no one envies her place! 👹

Be careful, the goal is not to harm debtors without any real basis either. This is why Rubypayeur requires the creditor to provide precise and verified documents. This is also a sine qua none condition for the publication to be made.

Do you have other tools to share with us? We want to know!

Better Call Eva

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