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Job description

The Data Department, within the Digital Department, was created with the aim of making Data a lever for growth in digital offerings. In fact, the Digital Department has high stakes in the development of digital uses of the group's own content or content from the group's channels.


The Data Department has 3 main missions: to maximize data collection while complying with current regulations, to develop user knowledge and experience, and to provide internal teams with steering and decision-making tools.

The job will be carried out within the Data Intelligence division, where the Data Science team currently comprises 3 Data Scientists and two Data Analysts, and is looking for a Data Scientist.

A minimum of 3 years' experience is required for this full-time position, starting at the end of July/beginning of August.

Expected performance:

The Data Science team exploits data & implements steering, user knowledge and data science.

The service will consist of :

- Exploiting the data base to set up action management, by building dashboards (Power BI) for tracking profiles, monitoring engagement, tracking RF segments, monitoring objectives, etc.

- Analyze user profiles and behaviors, by setting up analyses of videonaut profiles, dissecting behaviors according to acquisition channels, content consumed, by setting up analyses of videonaut profiles, dissecting behaviors according to acquisition channels, content consumed, analyzing the impact of advertising pressure on our users, etc.

- Implement data science
- Audience prediction
- Catalog enrichment via IAG
- Prediction of inactivity, appetencies, etc.
- Segmentation

Skills required :

- Experience in customer/user knowledge analysis such as customer lifecycle, churn, recruits, etc.
- Experience in data science on subjects such as forecasting, reco algo, appetence score, anti-churn... Experience on IAG subjects would be a plus.
- SQL skills essential, solid knowledge of Python and/or Spark.
- Experience in a Google Cloud Platform / Big Query environment
- Good knowledge of data and tools in a digital ecosystem would be a plus (e.g. Piano Analytics, Google Analytics, etc.).
- Ability to synthesize and present results to people with different levels of data maturity
- Ability to handle several subjects at the same time
- Curiosity, dynamism, enthusiasm, team spirit, rigor


SQL, Python, Spark, GCP, BigQuery, Google Analytics

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