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Project Manager DevOps










XP + 6 years

Home office

2 days


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

The role of the Information Systems Department is to provide the 25,000 users with the data and processing required for their day-to-day activities, in compliance with service contracts; to guarantee the security and longevity of the Group's IT assets; to support the Group's business development in France and abroad; to develop new information systems and technical infrastructures; and to maintain existing systems.

Objectives and deliverables

Within the Research Department, in the Platforms Team, we are looking for a DevOps-oriented project manager. At the frontier between the application development teams, and the infrastructure and operations teams in Production, our team supports development projects to deploy their applications in production.

Within an agile framework and based on CICD pipelines and containerization, we produce the associated deliverables and manage the actions to be carried out on the Production side.

As part of a multi-profile team, the DevOps Project Manager will be the Product Owner of the Platform Solution teams. He/she will be responsible for managing all work to be carried out within the Platforms Team, across the entire scope of transformation projects: migration, improvement, quality and repository.

His/her main tasks will be :

Technical framing and evolution management within an agile Scrum framework.
Organization and planning of work

Organization of production start-ups and installations on the various environments

Budget monitoring and reporting for contribution projects

Take charge of improvement issues


- ServiceNow: Confirmed

- Agile: Confirmed

- Implementation and monitoring of project cost management: Confirmed

- Implementation and monitoring of planning (critical path, milestones, variances, etc.) : Confirmed

- Devops: Expert

- CICD: Expert


DevOps, CI/CD, Agile, ServiceNow

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