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Symfony Senior Developer










XP + 6 years

Home office

2-3 days per week


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

As part of the development of its backoffice (journalist contribution tool), our customer is looking for a senior Symfony developer with at least 6 years' experience.
Passionate and committed, he/she will be part of a team of 8 people (3 developers, 1 Devops, 1 QA, 2 Product Owner and 1 Scrum Master).

The main tasks of the Symfony back-office developer are :
- Carry out feasibility studies and assess the development workload;
- Develop technical solutions;
- Write project documentation;
- Design and develop tests;
- Participate in development team code reviews;
- Analyze anomalies and contribute to the continuous improvement of the industrialized development cycle ;
- Contribute to cross-functional projects with operations.

The skills expected of the Symfony back-office developer are :
- Technical expertise in architecture and development of editorial back-offices (forms,
authentication, security and API client ...) with PHP Symfony;
- Expertise in API client design;
- Culture of product code quality;
- KISS, DRY and SOLID mantras;
- Thoroughness, organizational skills and ability to make proposals;
- Pragmatic and results-oriented;
- Agile (SCRUM);
- Good knowledge of caching issues (objects, http);
- Notions of UX and WebPerf.

The Symfony back-office developer's technical environment is as follows:
- PHP 8.1 and >, Symfony 6 and >, phpunit, Cypress ;
- Javascript : Vue.js, ES6, JQuery ;
- JWT, two-factor authentication ; Push (Mercury), RabbitMQ, Redis ;
- CSS3, LESS ;
- Templating Twig, Mustache ;
- Client API REST (Curl, Guzzle/Eightpoints, GraphQL) ;
- Build: Yarn, Webpack (Encore), Jenkins, Gitlab;
- Development environment: Ubuntu, PHPStorm, Docker, Docker-compose, Git + Gitflow;
- QA: Sentry, Symfony insight, Debug Bear
- Analysis/Logs: Grafana, Kibana, BlackFire, Google Analyics, Google Tag Manager, Data Studio ;
- Multilingual content in UTF8 (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Khmer, Russian, etc.).

The deliverables of the subsequent contract are:
● Source code.
● Documentation.

2 days per week of presence


PHP ; Symfony ; Twig ; RabbitMQ, PHPUnit, PHPStorm ; Docker ; Git

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