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    If you are a web developer, mobile or CRM consultant, you are in the right place.

  • Why work with Bertek?​

    Long-term contracts​

    At Bertek, 100% of our assignments last more than 3 months, more than 80% exceed 1 year. We know how important it is for freelancers to have visibility, which is why we prefer long projects.

    Approved customers​

    We only work with customers who have a good IT culture, who are used to working with service providers and who pay their invoices on time.

    Payment within 10 days

    For a Freelancer, cash flow is essential. The payment terms are extremely long which is not normal. At Bertek we pay freelancers within a maximum of 10 working days.

    All-inclusive travel​

    We organize all your business trips (train tickets, plane tickets, Airbnb reservations,...) as a travel agency would do except that you have nothing to advance. You receive everything directly in your inbox.

    A team available​

    At Bertek you will always find someone available to answer your questions, whether by email through the internal chat or even by phone. You know that you will always have someone at the end of the line.

    Opening up to international markets

    +300 missions per year, a significant part of which is international, we are able to offer you missions throughout Europe, thanks to our offices based in Poland.

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