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After several professional experiences as a computer engineer and two startup creations, Guilhem Berthalon decided to create his own IT services company.
On February 1, 2012,
bertek was launched in Montpellier, France.
He knows the outsourcing business and how it works. In Bertek, we want to provide the better experience between of the IT consulting.
bertek was born with the promise to create a workspace where joy meets professionalism, and individual dreams find a nurturing ground.
In fact, we foster a collaborative spirit where every voice is heard, and every individual is valued.
An International Window

An international window

After a trip to Poland, Guilhem was fascinated by the rapid growth of this country. He organized a business trip that will convince him to invest in Poland and open an office in Warsaw.
It was the start of a new adventure!

Our missions

"To build a company in which it is good to live, in which everyone finds their place and develops professionally".
"To support our clients to the best of our ability by providing maximum value through our expertise and commitment."

Our values


It is the fuel of discovery, nourishes the mind, stimulates creativity and opens up new perspectives. By cultivating curiosity, we embrace learning, push the boundaries of our understanding and discover innovative solutions.


It pushes us to reach new heights. It embodies our drive to push boundaries and innovate. By nurturing our ambition, we create a dynamic culture that inspires people to push themselves, to be creative and to take on bold challenges.


Is the driving force behind our collective success, inspiring trust, collaboration and mutual respect. By embodying this value, we are building a company where everyone feels welcome, supported and valued.


Is one of the keys to success. It shows an unshakeable determination, a willingness to persevere despite the obstacles. Thanks to our commitment, we achieve extraordinary results and inspire others to follow our example.


Embodies our willingness to take calculated risks, to think outside the box. Through our boldness, we embrace innovation and explore new possibilities.

Key Figures

because it's good to have them




Team members







  • Creation of the company bertek

  • bertek works with the mail department of La Poste on the Group's mobile digital safe solutions.


  • Creation of applications on tablets for the training of PSA (Peugeot Citroën) dealers.

  • Intervention on Schneider Electric's Web solutions for the control and monitoring of photovoltaic power plants.


  • Creation of mobile solutions for the WaitRose group in England.

  • Signing of a technological support contract with Publicis for the creation of mobile applications for their client Nestlé and creation of 2 major mobile applications distributed in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.

  • Train unemployed people on mobile technologies (IOS) for Pôle Emploi.


  • Accompaniment of the Alain Afflelou Group in the realization of its mobile/M-commerce applications (iOS & Android).

  • Opening of a subsidiary in Poland in Warsaw.


  • Official supplier of Schneider Electric global.

  • Help the UP Chèque-déjeuner group in Poland for their digital transformation.

  • Create mobile/Mcommerce solutions for the LVMH group.


  • Supported a Swiss client in the creation of a Polish software house and set up an entire development team for biometric recognition software solutions.

  • Deliver expertise in customer relations at BNP Real Estate for the implementation of their MS Dynamics CRM solutions.

  • Create and support Docapost on dematerialisation solutions for vehicle registration cards.

  • Work on B2C mobile applications for the BPCE group (Caisse d'épargne and Banque populaire).


  • Participate in realization of reservation software solutions for the Amadeus group in Sophia Antipolis.

  • Realization of ENKI solutions by Leroy Merlin (IOT/Smart home).


  • Realization of mobile applications for the Airbus group (Airbus helicopter).

  • Intervention in infrastructure project management at Société Générale.

  • Deliver Expertise on CRM projects for the Rothschild bank (MS Dynamics CRM).


  • Deliver expertise for Chatbot solutions at the La Poste group.

  • Work on B2C mobile applications for the Credit Agricole group.

  • Deliver expertise on CRM projects for the Française des Jeux (FDJ).

  • Deliver expertise in .Net development for SAGE in Poland.

  • Development of embedded C++ solution for geological analysis for Schlumberger.

  • Move Bertek Headquarters in Paris.

  • Manage IOT projects for the LOXAM group.


  • Participation in Poland in the IOT projects of the Viessman group by creating a multidisciplinary team of 7 people (Mobile, Web and devOps).

  • Provide development services in Poland to the American company IFX to manage banking transactions applications.

  • Work on MCommerce mobile applications for the DECATHLON France.

  • Deliver expertise on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power Platform projects of GROUPAMA.

  • Participate on Leroy Merlin's European real-time stock management project.


  • Open new office in Lille (France)
    Summit to celebrate 10 years of the company in Tenerife.

  • Deliver Expertise on CRM projects for EDF ENR (Renewable energies).

  • Deliver agile services to manage the main website of Airfrance-KLM.

  • Deliver expertise in web development for the group France TV

  • Deliver expertise on Data management, security and applications supervision for BNP Paribas

  • Develop embedded and mobiles solutions for SIGMA connectivity (Smart home).


  • Work on embedded solutions for Decathlon (Smart devices)

  • Deliver expertise to develop French TV mobile app for FTV Group (IOS / ANDROID)

  • Manage ATLASSIAN JIRA project implementation for CLUB MED

  • Deliver Cloud OPS expertise for French TV and Constellation software group


 To be continued...

Our location

actually, we're everywhere! thx to TCP/IP








Montpellier, a city in the south of France, was our first office to be established in 2012.
The second office was opened in Warsaw in early 2015.

Then, we are base in Paris, before opening a fourth office in Lille.

Now, we look forward to the future with optimism, and the anticipation of further expansion...updating coming soon.

Our lifestyle

During our afterworks and summit, collaborators and freelancers share strong moments that allow us to connect with each other.
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