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In the Beginning, There was a Vision

In a modest 30m² home office, a vision took root. A vision built on ambition, boldness, and an unyielding commitment to curiosity and care. It was here that Bertek was born, with the promise to create a workspace where joy meets professionalism, and individual dreams find a nurturing ground.

From Local Roots to Global Reach

From the vibrant streets of Montpellier, France to the bustling heart of Warsaw, Bertek expanded, embracing a rich diversity of experiences across Europe and beyond. Our journey is a testament to the boundless opportunities that await when one dares to think bigger, to reach further, and to forge new paths with courage and determination.

A Collaborative Spirit

At Bertek, we foster a collaborative spirit where every voice is heard, and every individual is valued. We are attentive to your needs, offering projects that resonate with your aspirations and accelerate your career, crafting a workspace that is both joyful and fulfilling.

A Canvas of Opportunities

In the Bertek world, projects are canvases awaiting your unique imprint, be it through innovative solutions or traditional approaches. Here, every day offers a fresh start, a new opportunity to showcase your skills and to grow, guided by experienced mentors who share your passion for excellence.

Nurturing Your Growth

We are committed to your growth, offering tailored training and advice drawn from our rich history as consultants. At Bertek, you find not just a job, but a journey of professional development, a place to hone your skills and to reach for new heights, supported by a team that believes in your potential.

The Bertek Commitment

As we carve out our unique space in the IT consultancy landscape, we remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering a work environment grounded in fairness, inclusivity, and respect. We envision a place not just to earn a living, but a space where you can truly live your potential, find joy in your achievements, and take pride in your contributions to a team that values every individual.

Be Part of Our Ongoing Story

As we write this chapter of the Bertek story, we invite you to join us in crafting the future. To bring your unique perspective to our collaborative tapestry, to contribute to a culture that values each individual’s input and celebrates collective achievements.

So, step into the Bertek journey, where dreams take flight, where every day is a fresh start, and where your journey to fulfilling your potential is our shared destination.



Bertek's founder & CEO


Our mission

"To build a company in which it is good to live, in which everyone finds their place and develops professionally".

Your benefits


Open in international projects

Salary in line with the market
Good level  insurance & benefits
Flexible working hours
Managers available

Our values


It is the fuel of discovery, nourishes the mind, stimulates creativity and opens up new perspectives. By cultivating curiosity, we embrace learning, push the boundaries of our understanding and discover innovative solutions.


It pushes us to reach new heights. It embodies our drive to push boundaries and innovate. By nurturing our ambition, we create a dynamic culture that inspires people to push themselves, to be creative and to take on bold challenges.


Is the driving force behind our collective success, inspiring trust, collaboration and mutual respect. By embodying this value, we are building a company where everyone feels welcome, supported and valued.


Is one of the keys to success. It shows an unshakeable determination, a willingness to persevere despite the obstacles. Thanks to our commitment, we achieve extraordinary results and inspire others to follow our example.


Embodies our willingness to take calculated risks, to think outside the box. Through our boldness, we embrace innovation and explore new possibilities.


Employees stories

The testimonials of our employees will give you a detailed insight into their experience and their project with the client. Find out more about the way projects work and the environment in which they take place, as well as the role, skills development and initiatives taken by our staff.
"I take care of the administrative, accounting and human resources aspects.

I like the fact that I am versatile, that I am in contact with employees, customers, suppliers, organisations, etc.

Bertek is a fast-growing company and communication is easy.

The managers listen, trust and are accessible."


Executive assistant

Let's meet up

Your career development is paramount to us. It is essential to know your preferences. This includes the technologies you prefer to work with, the size of projects you're comfortable handling, and the type of organization you're interested in working with.

Our aim is to ensure that the projects you work on are in line with your goals and provide you with the best opportunities.

Meet our caring recruiters



Polish talent recruiter




Polish talent recruiter




French talent recruiter




Polish talent recruiter




French talent recruiter



Our lifestyle

During our afterworks and summit, collaborators and freelancers share strong moments that allow us to connect with each other.

The IT company, like no other!

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