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2 Fullstack Developers


Full Remote








XP + 3 years

Home office

5 days per week


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

The group is seeking for two (2) web full stack profiles with strong expertise in PHP (Laravel) and Webfrontend (REACT).
These profiles will play a pivotal and impactful role in the overhaul of our internal information management system.
Candidates can submit one or two proposals, to cover the needs of one or the two required profiles. All proposed profiles will be evaluated and ranked. The two first profiles will be selected to perform the services covered by the contract.
- Functional features as described by our user stories deployed and installed on Group’s given infrastructure. (Infrastructure meaning Operating System, Database, Web Server)
- Code Management:
o Delivery of all classes and scripts needed for the seamless integration of the produced work in Group’s Continuous Integration System.
o Delivery of all necessary monitoring, load testing, admin, and deployment scripts. Inline comments with clear and comprehensible statements about the aim and responsibility of each class & method.
o The produced code must be synchronized with our GitHub on a daily basis.
o All the documentation has to be written in English and maintained on Group’s internal wiki (Confluence).
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PHP ; Laravel ; React ; Confluence

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