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BI Architect










XP + 6 years

Home office

5 days per week


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

We are looking for a senior BI architect to contribute to the implementation of a new DATA foundation based on a cloud dataplatform (S3 bucket) and SnowFlake datawarehouses (Datavault 2.0).
An important source being SAP, solid expertise on SAP/BW is essential.

Activities will be wide-ranging, and the architect will be called upon by all teams contributing to the project: transactional teams, cross-functional architects, BI teams, data engineers, etc.
The consultant will work closely with and under the supervision of our in-house BI architect.

Mission :
Potential activities of the consultant will be:

- Technical support for internal and external development teams

- Monitoring and quality control of actions carried out by our BI teams

- Analysis, proposals for correction and follow-up of BI system anomalies

- Analysis of existing systems (As-is) for To-Be specification.

- Support for functional modeling

Skills required :

- Hard Skills :
- SAP system expertise: Core ABAP, SAP BW
- Advanced SQL (SQL ANSI, HANA, Snowflake, Oracle...), advanced dataflows (Delta & historization)
- Functional skills: comfortable in a technical-functional role.

- Soft Skills :

o Good interpersonal and communication skills
o Strong focus on quality

o Autonomous and resilient

- Seniority: 5 to 10 years minimum

- Languages: French and English

2 days per month on site.


SAP BW ; SQL ; Snowflake ; Oracle

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