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Big Data Engineer Spark / Scala










Xp + 5 years

Home office

2 days


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

Based on a Big Data architecture that collects data from all Back Offices in a Datalake (Hadoop cluster), the project consists of exploiting this data to feed a community Dataware stored on an Exadata database.

This is achieved by designing new Spark/Scala processes that manipulate the DataLake's refined data with business intelligence rules.

Objectives and deliverables
As part of the Business Intelligence & Big Data project team, the SPARK/SCALA expert will be responsible for the following activities:

- Detailed functional and technical design.

- SPARK / SCALA developments

- Contribution to the formalization of test plans, execution of unit tests and a first level of integration tests.

- Troubleshooting during functional integration and user acceptance phases.

- Pre-production and production packaging and deployment.

- Optimization of processing to guarantee DWG standard quality of service.

- Implementation of industrial and re-entrance solutions to ensure optimum resumption of processing in the event of a production incident.

- Commissioning and deployment support.

- Environment monitoring.

The consultant will work closely with the Project Manager, responsible for the batch, and the Program development team.

Knowledge of Oracle is required
Experience >5 years on SPARK & SCALA technologies is required.
Knowledge of a similar technological context is a plus


Spark, Scala, Hadoop, Oracle

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