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Lead Symfony / API Platform










XP + 12 years

Home office

4 days


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

The service will consist of :
- Bringing API Platform expertise to the team
- Develop, maintain and optimize robust APIs using Symfony and API Platform, ensuring security, performance and scalability of web services.
- Maintain a CMS for news journalists, focusing on user experience, ease of use and responsiveness.
- Participate in software design and architecture, integrating artificial intelligence components where appropriate.
- Develop dynamic user interfaces using Next.js and React, focusing on user experience and responsiveness.
- Collaborate with a multitude of stakeholders and technical teams to integrate and maintain complex, interconnected systems.

Expected and essential expertise :
- Advanced knowledge of API Platform
- Over 12 years' experience in web development, with advanced expertise in PHP technologies, in particular Symfony and API Platform.
- Proven development experience with React and ideally Next.JS, with a strong preference for media-driven projects.
- Mastery of design patterns and SOLID development principles.

- Mastery of standard tools and methods (Makefile, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins ...).
- Strong leadership and team management skills.
- Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
- Previous experience with other object development languages (Java or C++) would be an asset.

Desired expertise for the performance of the service:
- Particular interest in artificial intelligence (LLM, speech-to-text, protocols).
- Sensitivity to user experience (UX), design (UI) and accessibility (a11y).
- Significant experience in the media world.


PHP ; Symfony ; API Platform ; ReactJS ; NextJS ; Makefile ; Git ; Docker ; Kubernetes ; Jenkins

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