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Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

In collaboration with the product managers, the service provider will be responsible, among other things, as Product Owner for the Android and iOS mobile and tablet applications of the offers.

The product owner will be responsible for defining the functional scope, defining and monitoring the roadmap/release plan, defining and monitoring product KPIs, and overseeing implementation from design to production, in compliance with regulatory obligations, procedures, budgets and quality standards.

He/she will be responsible for coordinating the various workstreams within the product team with the Product Owner of other platforms (web PO, etc.), QA, developers and design (UX/UI). With the support of the Product Manager, he/she will also monitor the various subjects related to the different stakeholders: editorial, marketing, data, partnerships, etc.

Expected deliverables:
- Set up and monitor product backlog(s).
- Writing of functional specifications and acceptance tests.
- Acceptance testing of mobile/tablet applications on all devices in conjunction with QA.
- Definition of acceptance plan
- Participation in design (design, ergonomics, UX)
- Participation in agile ceremonies with the various teams involved in the project (internal and external).
- Interface with all project contacts (technical teams, graphics teams, marketing and partnerships teams, editorial teams, support teams, partners, etc.)

- Communication with the rest of the team and sponsors on development progress and planning of platform upgrades
- Participate in the selection of appropriate solutions with the technical team
- Production of support documents (roadmaps, presentations, benchmarks, etc.)
- Deliver the project and guarantee its conformity

Expertise required to carry out the service

- Knowledge of product management and the PO role, with initial experience as PO or proxy PO
- Ability to define a product strategy with the support of the Product Manager and to communicate a product vision to the teams
- Knowledge of the PO's role in an Agile project
- Roadmap follow-up: backlog breakdown, estimation, subdivision, prioritization, reporting.
- Ability to define and monitor product KPIs
- Ability to communicate project progress to editorial users in a pedagogical manner.
- Proficiency in project management and ticketing tools (Jira, Confluence, physical or virtual boards).
- Knowledge of Product Discovery.

Methodological expertise:
- Expertise in writing functional specifications in the form of user stories
- Mastery of continuous product improvement approaches (prototyping, formulation and validation of functional hypotheses)
- End-to-end acceptance and functional testing
- Ability to deal with difficulties and escalate alerts and requirements

Business knowledge
- Good knowledge of content management, editorial animation and news media logic
- Ability to work with journalists and editorial managers to gather editorial requirements and integrate them into a product roadmap
- Ability to track technical anomalies and transcribe them functionally
- Mandatory: good digital culture with mastery of best practices in the various digital ecosystems (iOS and Android) and the web
- Mastery of the media world and of video and audio content - initial experience with a multimedia product is desirable
- Technical knowledge (architecture/api) to communicate with technical teams and democratize technical and functional choices for an uninitiated audience
- Mastery of editorial back offices (article, video and sound management)


Jira ; Confluence

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