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Product Data Manager










XP + 10 years

Home office

4 days per week


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

The role will involve :  
- Supervise and actively participate in the day-to-day work of teams of data engineers,
- Ensure compliance with quality standards and maintain a high level of requirements and performance in development practices,
- Organize and manage the delivery of the data platform,
- Support teams in upgrading their skills in the various technologies used and those to come.
- Ensure that projects run smoothly, within budget and on time,
- Identify, qualify and prioritize technical tasks (debt reduction, implementation of tools required by the team and others),
Expertise required to perform the job:  
- At least 3 years' experience in team management and project management,  
- Experience in a data environment,
- Experience in data pipelines using Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Spark, dbt, etc.) on large-scale datasets, Proficiency in Python and software development,
- Experience with PCM services such as Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Cloud Composer, Dataproc, Pub/Sub, etc.
- Mastery of NoSQL and complex SQL,
- Good knowledge of Gitlab and Gitlab CI/CD  
- Ability to popularize and communicate on purely technical aspects
- Experience in Agile environments


Hadoop ; Spark ; Python ; Dbt ; GCP ; Cloud Storage ; BigQuery ; Cloud Composer ;Dataproc ; Pub/Sub ; NoSQL ; SQL ; Gitlab

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