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Xp + 7 years

Home office

3 days


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

The service will be provided on behalf of the Group's Digital Department.

Working in collaboration with the Director of Product Offering, the successful candidate will be responsible for product management, notably for the product's website, which currently accounts for 75% of the digital offering's traffic, as well as for the "live" product, a livetexting or continuous news feed offering. This involves taking responsibility for defining and executing the Product strategy, while ensuring its performance in production, and this by collaborating on a daily basis with the various teams and departments: other PMs of the offering, PO, Product Designers, UX, UI, developers, journalists, data coach, marketing teams, etc. The profile will also be responsible for defining and monitoring the roadmap in compliance with regulatory obligations, procedures, budgets and quality standards.

Services and deliverables 

Participation in the definition of the product strategy, in particular for the web and live perimeter, in liaison with the Digital Department, and monitoring of the coherence and optimal functioning of the whole once in production, also ensuring the sharing of understanding of uses:

- Elaboration of product strategy, in conjunction with the Digital Department, around issues related to the website and live events.
- Ensures stakeholder alignment around product strategy
- Communication of this product strategy to its stakeholders in order to best orchestrate efforts
- Instruction, validation and prioritization of new opportunities to maximize impact for users and the company.
- Competitive intelligence
- Participation in the preparation of our quarterly Release Plan Day (PI Planning) and quarterly roadmap.


- Participation and support for product owners and designers in the design of functionalities
- Participation in the selection of appropriate solutions with the technical team
- Participation in the tendering process (drafting specifications, presentations, etc.)
- Definition and monitoring of product KPIs (user stories, epic...)


- Development and monitoring of roadmap in conjunction with product owners
- Support for technical teams dedicated to the product, and democratization of technical and functional choices for an uninformed public.
- Support product owners in managing interdependencies with other teams, and synchronize where necessary with contacts in other teams.
- Manage product progress, deadlines if necessary, and communicate with stakeholders.
- Monitor the efficiency and health of products in production, and seek to improve their performance.

Expertise required for the job:

- At least 5 years' experience as a Product Manager in an agile product team (Project Managers and Delivery Managers will not be considered).
- Expertise in Agile, Lean practices and product frameworks
- Strong product culture and expertise in product management
- Experience of working as a Product Manager on a news and/or high-traffic site
- Pedagogical communication on product progress to a variety of users (journalists, developers, technical or product sponsors)
- Mastery of Jira / Confluence tools
- Proficiency in collaborative tools such as Miro, Figma, Slack, Trello, Teams, etc.
- Expertise in analytical tools such as Power BI, AT Internet, Chartbeat, Content square, AB/Tasty...

Appreciated expertise in the performance of the service:
- Good knowledge of SEO, accessibility and web performance
- Knowledge of the media industry
- Mastery of product prioritization tools (RICE, HEART, etc.)
- Mastery of technical basics (architecture and APIs)


Miro, Figma, Slack, Trello, Teams, PowerBI, APIs, RICE, HEART

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