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XP + 3 years

Home office

3 days


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

The service will be provided on behalf of the Product Department of the Group's Digital Division.

Ensure testing and quality assurance around the group's digital offerings on all front-end (in particular: player, apps android & ios mobile & tv) and backoffice/API environments.

Profile :
The profile proposed for this specific contract should be a senior profile (experience of between 3 and 5 years in manual and/or technical testing).

Deliverables :
- Participation in the development of the testing strategy for these environments, in collaboration with the quality, product and technical teams.
- Perform functional and non-functional tests in an agile environment
- Identification and review of test bases
- Updating a test repository
- Design test plans and build a relevant TNR campaign
- Execute test campaigns (Validation and TNR)
- Reporting, review and follow-up of anomalies and incidents
- Reporting
- Collaboration with the QA team for continuous process improvement
- Support teams in implementing the product quality process
- Help define acceptance criteria
- Disseminate quality culture within the team
- Anomaly review
- Work with POs to prioritize bugs and assess product quality
- Produce documents to help monitor product quality: recipe books, test plans, reports, presentations, benchmarks, etc.
- Defining and improving test data sets > Setting up and monitoring KPIs for quality indicators (server errors, SEO errors, etc.)
- Participation in team agile rituals (daily meetings, etc.)
- Participation in user feedback monitoring
- Reproduce anomalies reported by users
- Creation and follow-up of bug tickets corresponding to user feedback

Expertise required for the service:
> Quality assurance expertise in agile methods
> Expertise in different types and levels of testing
> Mastery of testing tools
> Knowledge of digital media products, particularly news media
> Knowledge of software development cycles
> Technical knowledge of the web

Appreciated expertise :
- ISTQB foundation certification
- Knowledge of Gherkin syntax or similar
- Knowledge of performance issues
- Technical knowledge of applications
- API technical knowledge
- Notions of SEO and web performance
- Digital accessibility
- Bonus: GIT, GitLab, Kibana, Postman

Hardware :
Minimum list of devices to be provided (this list is not exhaustive):
- Mac and Windows computers
- Android smartphones with the following OS:
Android 11.0x
Android 10.0.x
Android 9.0.x
Android 8.0.x
- iOS smartphones with the following OS:
iOS 14.x
- An iOS 14.x and iOS15.x iPad
- Android tablet


ISTQB, Gherkin, Postman, Kibana, API's

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