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VueJS Frontend Developer










XP + 6 years

Home office

2-3 days per week


Headhunter without weapons & violence 

Job description

As part of the development and maintenance of its offers and content, Group’s
Department is looking for an expert in Javascript development.
His or her mission will involve auditing several products and then supporting the teams in charge of
implementation of its recommendations.
The Javascript developer is senior (more than 6 years experience in Javascript development),
autonomous, curious, good communicator, he/she has a strong experience in Vue.js 3 and ES6+.
The assignment will be full-time (4/5ths possible).

Expected profile
The expected profile is as follows:
- Expertise in Vue.js 3 (or React), ES6+ and Typescript development.
- Mastery of Ajax and JSON.
- Ability to work with APIs and SDKs (e.g. Google Ads, Youtube Player).
- Knowledge of SPA development practices (Single Page Application, Vite).
- Knowledge of design system concepts.
- Knowledge of Webpack and Rollup
- Familiarity with Git and Gitflow
- Mastery of performance issues.
- Culture of product code quality (cypress testing, sentry),
- Proactive.
- Excellent interpersonal skills.
- Agile (SCRUM).
- Knowledge of the world of publishing media and its constraints (advertising, media players,
cookies, etc.)
- Curiosity to find effective solutions to day-to-day malfunctions (eg:
finding the cause of slow page display).
- Notions of SEO and Web Marketing.
- Fluent English (for documentation).


Typescript ; ES6+ ; VueJS (or ReactJS) ; AJAX ; JSON ; Webpack ; Rollup ; Cypress ; Agile SCRUM

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