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Have you ever thought about what would happen (or how much it would cost you) if you accidentally deleted your client's data, or spilled your cup of coffee on their gear? 😵‍💫

No, sorry, I'm rephrasing... have you inquired about the organ trade and the price of a kidney? After all, we have two...

… or else, you have taken out good professional liability insurance! 👏🏼

Colloquially called ✨RC insurance Pro✨, it is useful in many ways!

👉🏼 Its purpose is to protect you against the consequences of errors, faults or omissions that you may commit in the course of your activity, such as the degradation of your client's material or data (involuntary, isn't it?).

In addition to damage to data or equipment, RC Pro insurance can cover many other types of claims:

- bad advice given to a client (remember: as a service provider, you have an obligation to inform and advise your client),

- delays in deliveries,

- disclosure of confidential information, etc.

💰 Regarding the cost, it is difficult to estimate since it will depend on several parameters: form of the company, importance of the risks incurred, guarantees chosen,...

But we can say that the amount is generally between 100 and 1000€ per year.

So yes, it's not mandatory, it's a significant expense (especially in the event of a small cash flow or at the start of your activity), then we often say to ourselves that anyway, hassles of this order only happen to others... but between you and me, we know 😉

Without insurance, you face risks whose financial penalties are so significant that they can literally... sign the death warrant of your activity. RIP 🪦😩

With RC Pro insurance, even your legal costs in the event of a dispute, namely defense costs, damages and other additional costs can in certain cases be covered. And that, believe me, it can be very useful! 😌

If you're an employee, don't worry peanut 🥜, you're protected by your employer's RC Pro. Defer to him if you've done something stupid.

🚨 Attention also, in no case can he ask you to reimburse the degraded material at your own expense or by salary deduction. It's illegal ! ⚠️

💡 Some other interesting insurance ideas for a Freelance dev:

⁃ Loss of income insurance: compensation for the risk of loss in the event of illness, disability, etc.

⁃ Health insurance: quite classic but a reminder does not hurt :)

⁃ Retirement insurance: constitution of a supplementary pension!

⁃ Vehicle Insurance

⁃ Any insurance related to the needs of your business and your activity…

And you, the RC Pro has already saved you the day? Do you have any other useful insurances to recommend? Tell us in the comments! 💬

Better Call Eva


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